The undermined field of biotechnology in India – a personal take on its popularity trend

If you ask me about the one thing that I have always struggled with and still do, then it would always be explaining someone about my career choice and what I really do. Grown up in a country where the career landscape is narrowed down to engineering or medicine while choosing science at 10+2 level,... Continue Reading →

10 tips from my diary for achieving your goals (amid COVID-19)

The outbreak of coronavirus has put the world on a pause – an unremitting statement we all have been listening to for a long period of time. While our lives have come to a standstill, the pandemic did a great job of sending us all in consternation. What’s worse is we have been thrown into... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Duality of Universe | COVID-19

The yin and yangs of life can't be put to the disparity. The universe functions upon the great cosmic duality, two opposing yet complimenting energies that are bound to co-exist. One such correlation could be found between light and darkness. While the world has been shaken up with the pandemic, it made me realise how... Continue Reading →

What is being?

What is being numb? Is it feeling everything at the same time and not be able to respond at all? Or is it feeling nothing, empty, null? What is being calm? Is it being in control of your demons which are driving you towards insanity? Or is it feeling nothing, empty, null? What is being... Continue Reading →

I am made of the “ones”.

And maybe I wouldn't have been happy if it wouldn't have been for the people around me. Of all kinds. The close ones and the one who loves me for who I'm. The acquaintance and those who aren't very fond of me. The ones who make me feel like their idol, and the ones who... Continue Reading →

Black and White

How many times have you thought along the lines that the many times you said you understand, that many times you have been taken for granted? The many times you gave them the benefit of doubt, they didn't return the same gesture? Quiet for a lot I propose. In this age, it's weird to gauge... Continue Reading →

Always To Blame, Always My Fault

The world wasn't a wish-granting factory! Too late to comprehend what it really meant, She went on a voyage which didn't seem to end. They kept pushing her off the cliff, She held still, made herself the Shepard with strong will. For the mistake that wasn't her, She apologized for standing too close to the... Continue Reading →

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